How to Decorate for Easter & Style Eggs

Is anyone else counting down the days till Spring? We’re ready to shake off all the winter doldrums and embrace some warmer weather! And of course, we can’t wait to break out our little chicks, bunnies, and pastel eggs for Easter.

Yes, Easter decor isn’t only for the little ones counting down the days ‘til their big Easter egg hunt. The secret lies in coordinating the details and incorporating Easter items with your personal style.

Here’s a look at what’s inside our themed Easter boxes this year:

Easter Boxes
Happy Easter
Happy Easter Boxes

How to Elevate Your Easter Table

If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your dining room or kitchen table, think about ways to reflect the design of your garden (or your dream garden). Bring the freshness of spring inside with a dough bowl tablescape that incorporates color, greenery, and flowers.

Start with a Bowl

Large bowls offer endless opportunities to change out your decor for the seasons. Bright, cheerful spring items will add a festive touch to your Easter home decor.

Incorporate Green Moss

Try lining a dough bowl with faux green moss[1]  for a fresh, seasonal centerpiece and fill it with fun Easter items, like bunnies, eggs, or carrots. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, switch out the bunnies for a single colored moss arrangement.

Faux Green Moss

Decorate with Only One Item

Don’t have much to work with? Don’t worry about it! Whether your style is farmhouse or boho, a single element can make a significant impact. For example, see how you can achieve a simple, bold statement by filling a bowl with just one element, like a bundle of carrots.

Bundle of Carrots

Now that you have some inspiration, take a look at these simple steps to get started with crafting the perfect Easter centerpiece.

How to Build an Easter Centerpiece

  1. Choose your focal point, which should be something you want to build your centerpiece around.
  2. Select traditional elements such as bunnies or chicks for Easter or more subtle spring designs, like eggs or flowers.
  3. Pick your greenery or filler. This could be small flowers, moss, ferns, or any other type of pretty material you want to use to fill most of the space in the bowl.
  4. Layer in other interesting objects that are smaller than your focal attraction but large enough to add interest and color. A small bird’s nest with colorful eggs, some sprigs of flowers, or small topiaries would work well.

Easter Style Eggs

If you don’t want to use a dough bowl or other large container, you can still have a stunning centerpiece using a tray or wooden board as your base. This option works particularly well if you’re using it on an island or a buffet instead of a table. It’s an easy look to scale up or down, depending on the size of your surface. You can even use a cutting board or cheese board you already have on hand.

Incorporate Candles

Candles make a beautiful addition to a flat centerpiece. Start by arranging your candles and any other large pieces. Several larger bunnies would look great here as well. Next, put some potted plants around the board. Consider using one small pot with Lily of the Valley for a smaller board. Its beautiful, delicate flowers will stand out in a smaller setting.

Choosing the Right Flowers

If you’re using a big board, you may want to go with larger, sturdier spring flowers such as tulips or daffodils. To finish your board, fill in any empty spots with eggs of different sizes. You can use egg shapes made from moss or other neutral materials. To add variety, enclose some of the filler material underneath a small decorative cloche.

Create Easter Egg Garland

Another fun way to bring Easter decor to your table is to create Easter egg garland with beads. Wooden beads bring a neutral color to a garland made from natural colored eggs. You can make one by drilling holes at each end of white or tan plastic eggs and then stringing them in a pattern with the wooden beads. Substituting colored eggs and fun, bright plastic beads will make a garland suitable for a kids’ table. Situate them on one of our tiered trays with surrounding items.

3 Ways to Style Easter Eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without piles of colorful plastic eggs, a staple in Easter egg hunts. That’s why each of our ReadyFestve Easter themed boxes include eggs this year! Even if you aren’t planning an Easter egg hunt, you can style these eggs in fun ways to add whimsy and color all throughout your house. Let’s explore different, creative ways to style your ReadyFestive eggs.

Style Eggs in a Vase

Fill a clear glass vase with brightly colored eggs to serve as a container for a pretty bouquet of real or artificial Easter flowers. It can also stand on its own as an attention-getting display.

Glass Vase with brightly Colored Eggs

Top Candlesticks with Eggs

You can buy candlesticks specifically for this purpose, or use what you have on hand (Just make sure the top has enough surface area to support an egg). Arrange the candlesticks on your tabletop and add greenery as a base before placing one egg on top of each. This would also look great on a buffet or sideboard.

Candlesticks with Eggs

Incorporate Eggs into Your Centerpiece

Create a centerpiece of elegant eggs that will perfectly match your place settings. For example, a large serving bowl filled with pretty nesting materials and several eggs will look great as the focal point of your Easter dinner table. Smaller bowls or vases filled the same way can be grouped in the center of your table as well.

Vases filled Elegant Eggs

Customize Your Decor

If you’re looking for an easy, elegant solution for beautiful Easter decor that’s customized to your style, subscribe to ReadyFestive. You’ll receive an Easter box designed specifically to coordinate with your colors and decorating style, whether it’s farmhouse, neutral, or pastels!

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