Hello! We're so glad you're here. We're a team of (two!) women who created ReadyFestive out of our shared desire to be more festive, more joyful, and to celebrate more.

As with many new ideas and businesses, ours began with a problem: with each new season or holiday, we found ourselves in the same boat—stressing the prep vs. feeling the festive. We wanted to spend more time checking off our holiday bucket lists—instead of checking the aisles of multiple stores for festive essentials.

Our lives are more hectic than ever. And as it stands today, the heart of the home and has never been more important. When we started sharing our idea of a service for personalized holiday and seasonal home decor that's delivered—without ever having to leave the house—the response was overwhelming. And so ReadyFestive was born!

Here at ReadyFestive, we care deeply about your time, and the joy experienced in your home. We want you to have more. That's why we put that care into every item we select for your box. We hope it simplifies your life and makes you and your home happier (and more festive!) all year round.

The ReadyFestive Team

From our kids playroom to the Shark Tank
From our kids playroom to the Shark Tank