Pay As You Go Halloween Selection 2023

Hello! We will be using this form to fulfill your Halloween box. We apologize for any issues you’ve encountered in the “My Account” section of our website. We are working on resolving the issues and do appreciate your patience. Once we’ve received your form submission (be sure to hit SUBMIT at the end!), you are all set. As a reminder of our new process, you will be billed for your respective chosen Halloween box(es) and Add-Ons at the time that you hit “submit” to reserve your box. Halloween boxes start shipping on September 12!

Confirming Shipping Name
Confirming Shipping Name

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Halloween Box Selection

We will make any changes to your box size for you (ex: if you have a Mini box on your plan and would like to upgrade to a Deluxe today, we will change the box size and bill you accordingly.)

Size selection

Now it’s time to choose your Halloween box! We have the following Halloween Collections: Farmhouse, Scary, Sweet & Glam. Please choose your box below.

Halloween Farmhouse Options

Halloween Scary Options

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Halloween Glam Options

Box Summary

+ shipping

Halloween Add-ons

All shipping for add-ons will be capped at $50


Pumpkin Doormat Pumpkin Doormat

Pumpkin Doormat: $29.00

+ $10 shipping
“Hey Boo” Doormat Hey Boo Doormat

"Hey Boo" Doormat: $29.00

+ $10 shipping
Bats & Skulls Doormat Bats & Skulls Doormat

Bats & Skulls Doormat: $29.00

+ $10 shipping
“Trick or Treat” Doormat Trick or Treat Doormat

"Trick or Treat" Doormat: $29.00

+ $10 shipping


Orange and Black Wreath Orange and Black Wreath

Orange & Black Wreath: $29.00

+ $15 shipping
Spider Wreath Spider Wreath

Spider Wreath: $39.00

+ $15 shipping
Spooky Feather Wreath Spooky Feather Wreath

Spooky Feather Wreath: $49.00

+ $15 shipping

Other Festive Add-Ons

Outdoor Trio of Ghosts Outdoor Trio of Ghosts

Outdoor Trio of Ghosts: $29.00

+ $10 shipping
Halloween Candy Bowl Halloween Candy Bowl

Halloween Candy Bowl: $39.00

+ $10 shipping
Halloween Porch Leaner Halloween BOO Porch Leaner

Halloween Porch Leaner: $59.00

+ $10 shipping
Set of 3 Large Spiders Halloween Large Spider

Set of 3 Large Spiders: $24.00

+ $10 shipping