5 Home Decor Trends & Tips for 2022

Keeping up with changing interior design and decor trends every year isn’t easy. From fresh color schemes to textures, patterns and prints, we’re here to help you stay in style in light of what’s predicted for 2022!

The following decor trends are a roundup of not only the latest industry trends, but also what we’re seeing in our search for decor that fits your favorite styles and themes. We hand pick every item in every box to be in line with what you’re sure to be looking for in the upcoming seasons. 

Summer Textiles

Co-Founder Liz looking at summer textiles 

Keep reading to learn more about the trends that have inspired us to curate this year’s boxes. We’ll also share our favorite decor tips and, if you have a ReadyFestive home decor box, help you get started decorating.

1. Bringing the Outdoors In

We’ve all felt a little cooped up this past year… This might be why we’re seeing design styles really lean into bringing more of the outdoors in.

Fresh greenery can bring life into a space. Plants are known to purify and improve air quality, and some studies have even shown that they increase productivity and reduce stress. 

Along with flowers and plants (real or artificial), certain materials inspired by nature, like wicker, hemp, and wood can be interpreted with baskets, rugs, and lamps. When brought in, these textures can liven up your living room, bathroom, and even your home office. 

Our “Modern” themed spring box includes this succulent with an airy sculptural sphere. It looks great added to a coffee table or bookshelf.

Airy Sculptural Sphere

We’re bringing in more greenery with preserved moss topiary. Look for these adorable bunnies in our “Neutrals” themed Easter box. They come with a burlap accent bow and rest in a textured stoneware pot – perfect as a table centerpiece, or on your mantle! 

Adorable Bunnies and Textured Stoneware Pot

RF Decor Tip: Artificial green moss and eggs are a great way to decorate your surfaces for spring and Easter. See how we’ve incorporated eggs this year below:

Artificial green moss

2. Grandmillennial

You might have noticed the millennial generation’s newfound love for vintage inspired pieces, ruffles, patterns, pleats, and florals. Though this style isn’t new, it sure is seeing a resurgence among 20 to 30 year olds this year. 

The grandmillennial trend is making room for more traditional styles, signaling a shift away from minimalism and modernism. 

Co-founder and CEO of The Inside, Christiane Lemieux, says “The grandmillennial trend is really a reaction to the generic mid-century interiors we’ve seen for so long.”

For the first time, it might actually be cool to decorate like your grandma. 

In the spirit of grandmillennial, our Easter Pastels box features embroidered pillows.

Embroidered Pillow

We’re also pulling in more florals for spring, including a warm and colorful patterned pillow and hand towel.

Colorful Patterned Pillow and hand Towel


RF Decor Tip: The best way to add in some grandmillennial decor? Throw pillows! Go for a blue and white color scheme to keep it simple and charming. Here’s an example from Sweet Savings & Things

3. Lots of Texture

Texture is sure to be everywhere this year. Play around with different textures by mixing and matching materials. Soft and velvety throws, linen furnishings, cane furniture, woolen rugs, mohair anything — the possibilities are endless. 

Getting that balance right between texture and color will be key to hitting all the right notes with your design scheme.

Here’s a sneak peak at our decor for Thanksgiving, featuring a gold pheasant, velvet pumpkins, acorns and other rich textures and patterns. 


Gold Pheasant, Velvet Pumpkins

RF Home Decor Tip: You might have noticed we have an affinity for beads at ReadyFestive. Adding beads to a table top is a great way to pull in texture. You can also wrap them around a vase or set them on top of a tray or stack of books. Many of our Thanksgiving boxes will incorporate wood beads to pull in more natural material, like the ones above.

4. Earthy and Neutral Tones

You might have already noticed that we’re going to be seeing more and more earthy and neutral tones this year. Browns will rule as will shades of green, gray, beige, and off-white, hence the “Woodlands” theme we are including in our Winter box collection

Winter Box Collection


The color palette is very much nature-inspired as we’re opting to bring more of the great outdoors into our living spaces.

A single shade can make or break your design scheme. Try different shades of the same color or mix and match different colors with the same tones. Natural colors can be far from boring!

RF Home Decor Tip: Accentuate your bedroom with brown, green, or beige accents. Cotton stems like these can add a nice touch. 


Cotton Stems


5. Patterns and Prints

Floral, botanical, and animal prints will continue to be popular. 

Mod and retro styles as well as big and bold patterning are expected to rise in demand. You may want to pass on geometric prints like chevron and lattice. Design experts predict that these are on their way out. 

We’re so excited for you to see what we’ve chosen for our summer boxes this year, especially if you like color. We’re pulling in bright patterns and prints through items like these, which will be part of our “Rainbow” themed box: 


Summer Boxes


RF Home Decor Tip: 

Mixing and matching prints and patterns can be a little tricky and maybe even overwhelming… The good thing is that there are pattern matching basics that can help. 

To Wrap Up…

Keeping your home decor on trend shouldn’t require you to purchase new and pricey pieces, nor should you have to overhaul or redesign an entire space. A few small elements is really all it takes!

ReadyFestive’s seasonal & holiday home decor boxes personalize your home decor, while making staying on top of trends easy. As your trusted editor and personal shopper for festive decor, we’re here to help you make every day festive without any of the fuss. 

Learn more about our subscription-based holiday and seasonal decorations here

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